Manually install pragmaflow

Has anyone got a video on how to manually install pragmaflow?

@dilon_perera might be able to help. He is a whizz :blush:

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Appreciated the words @iAppsNi! :facepunch:

Hi @Indisa,

To install Pragmaflow components without the site you can follow this process shared by @James_App_Maker!

Unfortunately, now we can’t install components from the site. This is the only way to download them. If you couldn’t do this there’s one more option that you can send me a DM and I’ll send my email and you can add that email to your team and I’ll add the components and you can remove me after that from your team.

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Although pragmaflow components are helpful and all, I would not recommend installing it in your app because their components are not maintained anymore, unless you are a developer and know how to fix bugs when they arise.

Do you know any other components which scan nfcs?

Unfortunately, No.

You can share this request as a topic with this category ( #jobs-freelance ) and then the developers will look at that and if possible one of them will make it and you can purchase it and use it in your app!

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