Pre-moderation user's inputs

I have multi-side mobile app with three types of users: admin and 2 groups of users.

Users can add some information in UI which I want to pre-moderate (check and edit if necessary as admin) before adding it to the main collection in database.

Maybe somebody knows how to do it most correct in Adalo?

I came up with idea that I can create some pre-moderation collection (copy of main collection) in database and after checking and editing right in the database collection admin moves data to the main collection (just copypaste). But it is not good way because it needs updating app in stores after every such handle moving as I think. Or maybe it doesn’t?

Hi @Romka,

To start with, you don’t need update an app in stores when the data in your database changes.

Your option with 2 collections is a good one, it may work.

Another option is having a True/False property on a record, call it “Moderated”. For example, you have something like “Posts” collection, when user adds new post, “Moderated” is set to “False”. Then when moderator approves the post, it changes the property to “True”.

You can extend this logic by adding more boolean properties (Is Rejected, Is Archived, …), or having a text property for a post status and keep it there.


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Thank you, Victor! The approach with True/False property is really great and comfortable.

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