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Friends, I am glad to welcome you. Explain to me after app release in app store , google play and wa version. in my application it is necessary to constantly mark true false, when users work in the application, the data will be updated in my adalo database? after I mark true , is this data updated for application users? Or only in pwa version? tell me who knows. also if you know how i can add live videos without player to my application i will be grateful to you what service can be used in this video solution

Hi @TonyS,

If you change any record’s values in Adalo Collections Database, they are available immediately for all users of your app.

If you change Collections or Properties inside collections (e.g. add a new Property) - these changes are available immediately, but existing apps in App Store and Play Store can not use them, as these apps have no information about updated properties. You need to publish new version of the app which uses new properties.


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thank you Victor for the answer, but it was not exhausted, I mean the true / false functions, in the application, when users register there, can I send them true / false from my database? these values ​​will be passed in the application?

Sorry, I don’t get what exactly do you want to do.
What do you mean by “send them true/false”? How would you like to send them these “true/false”?
After user signs up, the new record is created in app’s Users database. This means the user is becoming registered in the app and can log in with his/her email & password.
You can set an additional properties for Users, including True/False ones. And these properties can be used in the app’s logic (for example, if you create Business T/F property, users with this property = True can have a “business” mark in the app.


yes it is, I’m trying to lie, when I put the application on the store, I will set the user to a new status - true or set to false, this data will be transferred from the adalo database to the user application

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