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Adalo should add a features when you ould search for user/stuff in your database because If you need to ban a user or if they missed a payment update them to false it will be easier to search then to seach thru thousand of users

Hey picolpierre1, I’d recommend creating a custom admin dashboard for your app that includes the features that you need (like user banning/moderation).

Check out how I did it in the THC Girls app:

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i did not explain this right what i trying to say is that if wan to make a user true/false false because they miss a payment i could do that or delete the user i could do that without searching thru database

I understand exactly what you mean.

That’s exactly what we do with the THC Girls app. We have paid subscriptions for models/vendors. If a model or vendor misses a payment, we open the app on our devices or open the PWA version of the app (both share the same database). We click the admin dashboard, scroll down to the “Manage Users” section, click on models or vendors to see the list of whichever we need to find the user in. We have a simple list with search enabled on it where we can type the user’s name or email and it finds them quickly. Then, we update the user when we click and update them with a form. You could make this one step quicker by using a custom list with buttons and actions to update the user instead of opening a form to update them.

It’d be much easier for you to manage your users within the app than to try to find things within Adalo’s database in the editor.

Speaking from experience.

Here’s what I meant by making it one step quicker by adding a “toggle” component to the custom list of users.


Please note that ths give us an idea and thank you so much

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Can you tell me how to configure the database so only management team can get in please

Just add a true/false parameter to the user collection and call it “Admin”. Set this value to “True” for all users that are part of the management team.

I add a button to the menu called “Admin Dashboard” which is only visible when Logged-in user > Admin is equal to True.

Or something like this with an action button on the home screen: