Preview database collection only shows 3 records


I’m a rookie and i would like to know ow can i see all the records of my external database (airtable) in the preview, i only see 3 records now ?


How many records are there in your airtable?

I have 6 bases and it’s the same problem with all of them.

I have between 10 and 100 records

I think your base url in the setup is pointing to “maxrecords=3”

Edit the collection and make sure your Airtable url is:\/<tablename>

Remove everything after table name and it returns first 100 records.


Yes. Three is the default in the API section of Airtable. It is not very helpful!


As above, for visual thinkers, you want the orange bit…not the green bits.

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Thanks a lot it run well :+1: