Airtable Records Not Shown

Hello Together. I’m not sure if I made mistake or if there is a temporary bug. If I try to pull data from Airtable and connect it I get all the records as a result. But if I add a list and hock it up the airtable connection there is nothing shown and also if I use the count, it keeps 0. Thx for your help, Thomas.

Hi Thomas,

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Did you try deleting the external collection and add it again?

Also, it might help to read over the help guide again because sometimes we accidentally forgot a step :sweat_smile:

Hi James. Well, I opened my two Applications this morning and wanted to look at it and in both projects the airtable connections were just gone. I did add them again as I did last night and now it works. I guess was somehow a bug somewhere. But cool, seems to work now. Thx anyways, Thomas.

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