Preview is asking me to sign in

Hi guys.
I’ve made an app before and wanted to preview the app and it but it then asked me to sign in or sign up. When I sign in it tells me my information is incorrect but it allows sign up. After signing up it shows me a web version of a blank app.

Because I’m new I thought I did something and did not configure something correctly and I deleted the app. I then previewed a simple app and the same thing happens. If I sign in it brings a web preview, but I’m working on mobile, and the preview is incorrect. I did clear my cache and cookies on Chrome already and signed out and back in again.Still nothing…

Please help?

Can you send a screenshot of builder and also make sure the connections are on so I can see what screens are connected to each other.

Hi @jeandre,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

Could you share a recording of the issue you experiencing?

Thank you

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