Problem returned

It worked for one day, now won’t preview or share again.
Her’s the problem again:
Having a problem viewing Preview and Share. They have gone blank and "Site can’t provide secure connection’.
Problem in Chrome and Firefox and Edge
What’s wrong?

Hi @Gene_E

Did you try to clear cookies, history etc in the browser?

Yes. All of those things on three browsers. Disconnected antivirus as well.


Also date & time check

Hi @Gene_E,

Does app builder builder work correctly?

Is it a mobile app or a web app (for some reason I suspect the latter)? If this is a webapp, what is the domain name?



I’m not sure I understand ‘app builder builder’.
When I publish this, which I haven’t done yet, my plan is to publish as an android and ios app.

I’ve accidentally typed the word builder two times, so I was meaning “app builder”.

For me there is not enough information to give any meaningful advice to you, I’m sorry. I would advise to submit a support ticket here: Submit a Support Ticket


Gotcha. Thanks for responding.
I have put in a support request and they have been great getting back to me.
So keeping fingers crossed.

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