Alignment issue

I’m trying to create a push notification page but it looks different in TestFlight compared to Preview. While everything is normal in the preview mode, the texts in TestFlight all got shifted up. I already put a rectangle behind everything so not sure why this would happen… My suspicion is that it has to do with the switch because it looks different in IOS than in the Preview mode.



Really nice design.
Are they aligned on center? Or aligned vertically in the parent rectangle?

I wouldn’t spend too long on it, they both look fine, you could waste a day and still not find your perfect solution.

Anyway… this is a great time to mention design v actions. I have an app with 12 toggles for notifications, if you use a native form then it is one action to update all 12 when the form is submitted. If you use 12 separate toggles or switches, then it is 12 actions. Yours looks nicer though :wink:

Thanks Rozza! Actually I’m using 1.0 so I don’t see these alignment options.

OK so you can zoom in and pray that it will snap to the center line as you drag it.

Even after all this it might be that the component aligns differently across web, ios and android.

Instead of trying to get them all perfect, I would try a number of different approaches, do a testflight build and then check which one looks the best, then go back and repeat with that one :+1:

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Will give that a try :slight_smile:

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