Web preview works, phone preview doesn't

When I use the preview function within the editor or or web, it works, but when I try to open the preview on my phone, I get an error. Screenshot of the error attached.

Anyone know why this would be happening? I don’t know which version reflects the true state of the app, so I don’t know whether I need to spend my time fixing or debugging…

Hi Jessica,

Did you try clearing the cache and your cookies?

I have—it did not resolve the issue.

Are you trying to preview a web app on your mobile device? This looks like a web app URL. If this is not a web app, I believe you are using the wrong review URL

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Adding onto @ben1, @jd0319 where are you viewing this from? It looks like it’s an in app browser from an app, are you trying to send the link from your computer to your phone?

If you want to send the app link to your phone, click the “Share” Button in the editor then click on “share app”.

That is interesting! I used the process that Adalo offers to preview (created a share link and added to my Home Screen on my phone) and this is the preview that resulted. This is a mobile app so I don’t know why it would provide a web app URL.

Thank you! The good news is that I have stopped getting the error message on my phone. The bad news is that I didn’t change anything at all–it just self resolved. So I don’t know why using the share button ended up producing the error with that URL.

Nevermind, it’s back to producing the same error.

Hi @jd0319,

Could you DM me your app link? I’ll see if it works in my phone. Maybe add Ben if that will help.

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