Pricing: additional seat

Hi all,

I’m not quite sure to understand how pricing works for additional seats. The pricing page says it’s $20 per additional seat:

But I’m able to add people to my team or even to specific apps while still being on the free plan…

Does anyone know what will happen when I upgrade?


Sounds like a bug Adalo needs to fix. It’s possible that if you have more team members than the upgrade plan allows that could cause some issues. I’d contact Adalo directly and ask them about it before upgrading, just to make sure things are smooth.

@Ben @jeremy - Not sure how much you monitor the forums, but this sounds like something that is in your guys ball park to answer :slight_smile:

@TonyD @Lucien you are right, that we don’t currently warn about this, and we probably should. Up until this point we haven’t been charging for extra seats, even though it says that we do in our pricing. But we’ll likely be correcting this soon. However when we do we’ll try and make this as smooth of a process as possible so nobody gets any unexpected charges.

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I just added a second seat two days ago. The person is unable to use it, or access the account. What are possible fixes to this?

Best to contact

But you could also try removing them and re-adding them.

What isn’t working?

  • They can not log in
  • They can log in but can’t see projects
  • ???