Customize our plan

Hi everyone !

I have a suggestion for the Adalo team but your advice will be interessant.

What do you think if we can customize our pricing plan ( New adalo prices ) like choosing number of actions, seat, storage and many more and have a personnalised price

Or if we just pay what we REALLY use it will be more efficiant for us what do you think ?

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When presenting this concept, though I do agree with you and actually falls more in line with the ever-repeated statement from Adalo that “one size does not fit all,” I think it’s important to note: Every app action does not equal profit for the developer. What it does equal is profit for Adalo.

Control of app action allotment is their catch-22. For me personally, I don’t need but one editor seat, certainly don’t need 25GB of storage since I offsite my heavier loads anyway, and a couple of publishable apps, though an extra or two would be nice, isn’t a deal breaker. But throttling my actions to an unusable level is the biggest issue.

And I believe they’re well aware of this, hence why app action allotments are so unreasonably distributed.