Private data import API V1

Hi everyone, I’m having a hard time setting up the private API of this excheng (SouthXchange API) …with the public I don’t have problems but in this case I can’t. I try to explain myself better.
I have a digital wallet on that excheng, I generated the private and secret keys for API. But I can’t figure out where to put all the things that the excheng documentation asks: ( swagger / ui /? urls.primaryName = API% 20v1). you can help me . thanks

Hi @jenny,

In my opinion I don’t think you can use private API directly from Adalo.
The key challenge is here (see private API description):
" * Hash is the HMAC-SHA512 of the request body (JSON) signed with the secret value. Make sure the encoding is UTF-8. ".

You need to sign each request individually, it’s not possible to do it in Adalo. I think that you might be able to make it work in Integromat.
(in my experience I managed to do similar thing - Oauth1 process there). But this is definitely non-trivial task :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

grazie per la risposta…credi che sia possibile farlo in Integromat e poi passarlo ad Adalo?

Hi @jenny,

I think it is possible to do it. One will need to experiment a bit though.

Scusa non parlo italiano :slight_smile:


thanks for the reply … could you help me to make this connection? integromat I don’t know it and I don’t mean programming … I would need to import the wallet generation from that excheng (that is, if I click on a button I will go to generate a new wallet) and know the balance of 3 of my wallets. I know it will take some time, I am willing to pay you for this help. would you help me?

Hi @jenny,

I’ll send you Direct Message.


Hi Jenny,

Let me know if you still need assistance with this. We are a nocode/lowcode agency that specializes in Adalo. Please feel free to send me this post through email, and I will be happy to see what we can do for you:

hello, I wrote you in email …

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