Can't drag app canvas view

I have just started using Adalo recently. On my chromebook, I can easily click and drag to move the app canvas to see all of the screens. On my win10 computer, using chrome, I cannot. Is there a trick I’m missing? A keyboard combination? Something obvious that’s making this so frustrating?

If I can, here’s a quick no-audio video showing what I mean. In it I try click and drag, shift click, alt click, control click and all combos thereof. LOL

(…Under Linux) :grin:
Firefox :
1 - CTRL + Mouse Wheel (Zoom Out)
2 - Move Mouse cursor …left or right
3 - repeat CTRL + Mouse Zoom IN
that will focus on a specific area Zooming in…

Support this feature request - below - so that we do not need to keep a finger on CTRL to achieve the same result…
Add an Extra CTRL button on TOP BAR

You can use the command/control + - to zoom in and out and then use the arrow keys to move around the editor.

Thank you so much. Both of these responses have been super helpful.

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