Help! Show property multi records on a list

Hi! I am trying to show a list of a collection with a property wich has many to many relationship, but i just can’t, it does not appear the option to show the records instead i only can show “count” of the records in the property .

Thanks in advanced

You need to use the list component to achieve this.

So imagine you have a user who has hobbies(collection)

Create a list of hobbies, current user > hobbies.

Thank you, I already have my collection and I have my list.
Problem is that I do not have the option to show the activity :frowning: What is wrong?

That’s a list of events, I guess you need a list of activities? Try putting a list inside the list.

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I need a list of events, but every event has 1 or more activities.
The collection events has a relationship property named activity wich is related to the collection activities

@theadaloguy is correct. You need a list of activities inside of your event list. You can’t display a relationship record in a simple text field like you are attempting to do.

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Thank you @theadaloguy ben1 and @ben1, I got it but now i need to show in a better way. look at what is happening:

Is the activities list inside the events list, but does not look good even if there is showing only 2 activities of the first event. Can you help me ?

Look at this! I solved it this way, but if you have any suggestion I will appreciate.