Button appears in different place


In the editor, the button appears at the bottom, but on the PWA it appears in a different place (on top of other groups).

Any idea how I can solve it?

@Colin any idea how I can make the yellow button show up in the correct place on the app?

Add an invisible rectangle behind it and group it with the button or group it with all the other elements around it (if the page is scrolling then only group the elements that would be scrolling)

thanks, I’ve tried what you propose but it’s still floating https://vimeo.com/500377463/17facae372

The whole element up is a group as well, so it was a group inside a group in case that helps.

thanks for your help

Hi Axme, could you let me know what this is…

it may be causing your button to move. Try and remove it and see if this helps.

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