Problem with custom action condition

Hi Adalers!

I’m sure that many of you use custom actions with conditions as I do. I mean “Show Advanced - When does it happen - This action will only happen if…”
My previous custom action returns json with field “code” = ok/error.
And I used condition for my next action like:
previous action result code = “ok”

But now it only works for my later created custom actions.
Now I don’t see the option to choose the result of previous custom action in condition of the next custom action. It is very important functionality.
@Colin, guys please check it and help me. Thank you!

Hi @VladimirBarkhat,

I guess this is related: Custom Actions Not Available Anymore?

The problem should be solved now.

Best regards, Victor.

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Yes, you are right, @Victor.
This issue is solved.
Thank you!

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