Problem with List Filter using Airtable Query

Hi there,

I have a FAQs table and a FAQs Category Table.
There seems to be a bug in the 2 following situations:

  • Created a dropdown with FAQs Category Table and filter the FAQs list based on selected dropdown value
  • Created a list (FAQs Category) of list (FAQs)

In the filterByFormula query, the filter doesn’t work if we use the magic text, only if we use the hard text.
Exple (see screenshots below).

  • ({Category}=‘FAQ_Topic_1’) WORKS
  • ({Category}=‘FAQs Category fields > name’) DOESN’T WORK

Anybody has encountered this problem?

Thank you all!

Have you tried using double quotes when using magic text?

You might also try using the airtable id property instead of name in the magic text

Yes, it doesn’t work.

No. The field Category (table FAQs) I filter is a lookup the airtable field FAQs Category name. Could it be where the bug lies?