filterByFormula Search issue

So this is a bit hard to explain but I’m having an issue with the filterByFormula airtable Search(’’,{}) filter.

I have a list of User Comments from airtable. I am trying to filter them based on a “link to another record” using the number of that record (1, 2, 3).

When I manually enter that record’s number in the Search filter, the filtering works as intended (i.e. Search(‘257’,{Field Name})

However, instead of that 257, when I use magic text that is a different airtable database (not user comments), but is a numeric field, the filter doesn’t work and instead all records come in.

Did I explain this well at all?

Would love some thoughts or help here!

Adding some photos:

This works (first picture = filter in adalo; second picture = console network preview)

This does not work (doesn’t filter, everything comes in from the base):


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