FilterByFormula Magic/Dynamic Text Issues

I’ve been doing some more filterByFormula research and found some things that might be helpful for the Adalo engineers to know.

FilterByFormula works when I manually enter text, but not when I pull magic/dynamic text from the Adalo user base. Here’s an example. What’s shown in the image does not work (even with quotes around the red magic/dynamic text), but if I manually type “Group:Food & Ag Services” where the red magic/dynamic text is, then it works.

It also works with the form input component, but in this case that is not the right data source for this application. I need to be able to pull the data dynamically from the Adalo user collection in the internal database.

If you’re doing this on the home screen of an app, it doesn’t work currently because the logged in user hasn’t loaded yet when you’re attempting to request these records. One workaround that a lot of people use is to have a different screen that acts as the home screen, that then has a screen action to redirect to the screen with the airtable data on it. Definitely agree this needs to get fixed, though.


That appears to be working! Thank you, Jeremy.

I may have other issues so I will try to keep you updated.

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