Problem with Toggle module

Hello everyone, help me who can’t find a solution, a problem with the Toggle module, implemented as a like under a photo, animation works slowly or freezes and doesn’t hang especially if you press it many times, how to limit its multiple clicks or how to replace this module
I will be glad for any help

Hello, well this problem can occur for many reasons :
1- If there are more than 2 actions per toggle.
2- If the list where the toggle exists is a custom list containing many components.
3- If the screen where the toggle exists, includes a lot of components and available data that has been transferred from other screens.

So please make sure you check if one these reasons exist on your screen.

yes, all this is there, but I can’t remove it because all this is needed, I need to find an alternative to this module or somehow speed it up

The best way is to try to reduce the amount of data transferred from other screens and reduce the number of components in the screen.

Unfortunately, this is not an option, since removing other components of the application will not be the way it was intended

I’m wondering if it is possible to speed up the module itself and so that the user cannot quickly click like and dislike