Issues with toggle button

I´m experiencing some issues with the toggle button. See video. Also, I can’t get it to toggle when it´s set up to toggle inside a relationship. It´s toggling if I select logged in user → some boolean. But in this case I have linked logged in users to a collection called companies. And if I try to toggle logged in user → Company → Some boolean value, nothing happens.

Adalo toggle

Any tips?

Hello @Eccles,
It looks like the response time is slow. Have you tried clicking just once on a toogle and waiting a bit ?
Regarding the data it’s toggling do you have to go through logged in user ? Can you elaborate a bit on what you’d like it to toggle ?

Hi @pfdemai
Thank you for your answer. I tried to toggle and waiting a bit, but then nothing happens. This is a PWA for businesses. The users have access to a dashboard, and there can be multiple users pr business that should access the same settings (in this case the toggle). So as far as I can understand I need to go through logged in user? The relationship is one company, many users.

Edit It should toggle a true false statement for the company that’s linked to the logged in user

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