Problems with Data Any Helps

I’m having trouble sending data from one screen to the other screen, in the video tutorial, says link list that you want the data, to the screen you want to send all that data.

it should be apeering in the second screen (Currente Post) data and nothing apeares

i did link it, and inst working, no data is being sending to the new screen (Any Help) Guys??

@menalha when you say no data is being sent to next screen, what do you mean?

Can you share your screen setup and actions performed to understand your issue better?

i linked the list to the Post View screen, but the data inst goind true

I think it’s same problem

You should submit support ticket

@menalha from your screen, it looks like you have too many screens passing data to the Post View screen, that could be the reason the data is missing.

At any point the current screen should receive data only from 1 screen to make sure it works as expected.

Can you try and remove the other links and check?

Or link the Home screen to a new screen altogether, that’ll work without issues.

Problem solved… thanks anyway