Problems with adalo?

Hello, yesterday I was working all day in the app, today when I enter all the functions, links and database it appears blank …

is there a problem in adalo?


Hey @Santiago, would you mind filling me in a little more on what you are experiencing? Is this all in the editor or in the live/preview version of your app?

I have the exact same issue… not on all my apps but some… @David I have submitted a support ticket but I can’t wait 24-48 hours as I cant further develop… Can one of your team check my GTG App, please?

I have same issue yesterday and support team still working to find out problem and solution,
for me this app just prototype phase which luck for me because not deploy to production version yet,
but in a few day I must demo this app to my user and this is critical time for me.

Anyway I’m not sure this problem will effect to just some user or happen to all users.
But I though maybe this problem relate to server configuration, so some user on same server will effect too.

Hello, in a forum they told me to write to this form, they solve you
Quick engineers, I sent it yesterday and today I already had answers! I hope it serves you

5 days ago I can’t work, they still haven’t solved my problem, I have a pro account and I’m wasting time and money … I urgently need an ADALO SOLUTION @Ben

Did you submit a support ticket yet? It’s the fastest way to get issues fixed.

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