Problems with publishing the app

The list is visible when previewed (correct), but not when published (incorrect).
For more information, watch the video linked below.

Could anyone please tell me where the problem is?

Hello Ohiro, as your fellow adalo user I also experience the same issue with how preview works.

sometimes it shows in preview but not on publish / share button.

what you can do for basic troubleshooting:

solution 1: copy your current project to your existing account then check if it works again
solution 2: rebuild your database collections
solution 3: delete all entries in your collections / if there is an existing record, you can try to input it again

good luck on your project, that preview / publish mode also made my head ache so much, especially when i know i did nothing wrong with the filtering.

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I actually can’t tell what is wrong on this list. I see text and the date you have selected are both showing. Can you provide an example of what you are expecting to see here?

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This also happened to me about 3 times now, when viewing the app via live viewer it shows normal, but when you use the external (shared link) it shows nothing especially if you have filters in those lists.

I shared the link with one of my friends for her to check its functionality but surprisingly it doesn’t display properly, but when i tried on the preview button it shows normal. :confused:

what i did to fix this is to copy the existing app to my own account or another account then it works again.

Thank you to everyone who responded.
I’m using a paid plan so I can’t change my account and I’m not sure if rebuilding the database collection will work, but I’m afraid to mess with this as it will affect the app settings as well.
If there is any other good way, please let me know.
Anyway, thank you for your reply.

I’d like to know about this as well.