The preview doesn't work

Hello, yesterday all the apps worked fine, today since morning I have a problem with the previews and I can’t move forward!

I am doing 3 apps at the same time and with all 3 it is the same, I open one and close, I open the other and close, but very badly

  1. do not update
  2. the info is not loaded
  3. Some links don’t work
  4. The databases are VERY SLOW

Is someone with the same problem?

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Hi @Santiago ! This appears to be an internal issue with Adalo servers. I use an external database and it’s the same problem. You can find recent posts on the forum with the same issue. We are all waiting for Adalo’s support

Thanks for answering, yes, I’ve been seeing a lot in the forum, a pity a day completely lost, I do things and when I want to preview it doesn’t work, I’ll be on the lookout for the solution!

I mentioned this in another thread, but I’m also experiencing very slow editor and application performance at the moment. This seems to happen intermittently and definitely throws off development and previews.

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