Problems with the database

Hello, for days I have problems with the database, it does not update, it does not save, it does not work, also youtube, video player and audioplayer the autoplay does not work … lately adalo is bringing many problems to me and my clients, it would be good to have better support, better attention, more components since for everything we must continue paying extreme apis … these things are what make us lose time and energy … I have been lost for 3 days!

I would like to have an answer …

Hi Santiago, could you please offer more context of the issues you are having such as what actions you are doing? Is this happening to an existing app that worked previously? Do you have more than one app that this is happening with?

I will be happy to help is I could just get a bit more information.


Hello, how are you, thanks for responding, I sent a ticket with a video of some apps and Ben has already contacted me, there was an internal problem on the server they are trying to fix it, yes in several this is happening to me and the autoplay is not working for me too


Glad to hear that Ben has already been in contact with you. Please let me know if there is anything I may be able to help with :slight_smile: