Problems with user login

Hello everyone,

I have published and built my app (it is a kind of diary for professionals).

The APP often does not store user login and pages can be viewed without user information, which tends to confuse. I don’t know if this is something specific to Adalo.

Is there any way that when the user is not logged in, they are automatically directed to the login page?

Regards and thanks!

Hi @lfvalencia,

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You mean the users can see it if that user doesn’t logged-ined? What screens are set to Welcome screen and Home screen?

You could have a screen like splash screen and make it as the Welcome screen and the Home screen and add two conditional link actions that one is for send him to the Login screen and it’s sometimes visible that if Logged in user’s > email > is equal to > empty. And another link actions that send to the Home screen that if Logged in user’s > email > is not equal to > empty.

Or you can add this as visibility conditions for the components like show only when Logged in user’s > email > is not equal to > empty.

Thank you

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