Problem accessing the app web without registration

There is an access problem without logging in if a page is added after registration, such as adding a photo, accepting terms, etc… by pressing a “cancel registration” button on the second page, which deletes the user directly and redirects to the welcome screen, if the page is refreshed (F5), it appears in the home of the app as a ghost user, impossible to redirect in any way because it is not a logged user.

Does someone know how to solve this problem?

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Does this happen to anyone else?

Yes. I have a similar problem. After deleting a user directly from the Adalo database, they can access the installed home screen without going through the login screen.
Now I’m dealing with this issue… :thinking:

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I confirm the issue.
There was a suspicion of automatic saving of passwords by the browser (I use Crome). Not confirmed.
But I saw the following. If I make a screen on which I forcefully change the password and Email of the current user, then a record of this user appears in the database with the specified login (Email) and password.
The app makes a new login on the home screen with the username and password of that user.

I can’t test in a native application, because I don’t have any published applications.

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And in addition to this problem…
Even if on the home screen, when I open it, I set a link with verification to the first registration screen, the problem repeats. Looks like some kind of cache keeps the user info

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I have tried everything and I don’t know what solution to give. No action works if there is no logged in user. Possibly, the only solution that occurs to me, which I have not tried yet, is that the home screen is before the login or register screen, and that if the user wants to access another page, access the login or register except if the email is the same as logged in user. I’ll update this thread as soon as I’ve tried it.

I have no other understanding… This is an Adalo bug.
I fixed it like this

  1. On the home screen, I made a button with a link to the authorization screen. 2. Entered the login and password of the last user.
    What else can I advise … Put beacons on each screen with magic text. Set the magic text to the Email of the user who logged in.
    Pay attention, I did not understand, but maybe this will still help: 🚀 Launched: Screen Action Updates

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