User data question

Hi guys :slight_smile:

I need to understand something about the “db” thing.

Today, I’ve a task application. And my users tells me that it’s very annoying to put their e-mail adress / password everytime when they comes on my app.

My question is : If I delete the two login screens already create by Adalo and I create another “mail display” later in the App (with a form). Does Adalo will still know who user is connect ?

Ex :

  1. X is on my app he’s on the third screen and he must put his mail. → he put his mail (
  2. X is going on another App
  3. X open my App. Adalo know (or not) that it’s X with his mail “” ?

Sorry for my english, I hope that you’ve understood my question

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi @Yunae :wave: :wave:

For your home screen set the screen navigation type to home screen and for the signup screen or splash screen set the screen navigation type to welcome screen and other screens are automatically normal screens. Then when the user signups and when the user is entering your app every time the home screen is appearing .

So If you delete the login screen and signup screen and add a screen and add a form to sign up select that what do you want the form to do field as signup the user and the collection as Users . And for the login screen set that field to log the user.

And If I understand your question wrong tell me. :innocent:

Thank you :blush: :blush: