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Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone could help with how to make a profile listing, where the user (E.g athlete) searches up a city and the result displays the profiles of coaches in that city.

hello, so first, you should create a list of users, and your (users) collection should contains a property called “City”. Then, create an input above that list called “Search input”. After that, add a filter to the list, that is, User’s city: is equal to: Search input.
And it’s done.

Thank you so much. I’m new to website development but I’ll definitely give it a try. My happiness is that it’s possible I just have to learn it.

You’re welcome. If you need any help, just PM me.

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I don’t know how to PM, but I was wondering how do create an input above the users list

Hello, you just need to add an input component and put it above the list, and create the filter “mentioned before” in the list and you can search anything from the list in that input.

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