Project sharing

I am working on a project with my boss and I want to show him something in a different way for him to click around. Is there a way I can clone or share a project from my trial to his trial account so he can view and edit some stuff? like put a copy of my app into his trial so he can see and edit

You can add him directly to the project itself, that’s probably the easiest.

If you don’t want him to have direct project access, you’ll need to duplicate the project, then give him access to the duplicate. You’ll need to manually sync edits between the two though as they’re now entirely different projects.

by duplicate you mean going to the app settings on the left and doing copy? how do i send it to him

Yes, copy and create a new app, then add him as a team member at the project level (under settings on the left side of the editor).

Im trying to just send my app to his account so he can see and edit it in his account

The question is, do you want him to have access to the original file…

If yes, add him to your original file.
If no, create a new file, add him to the new file and then he can duplicate it.

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