Exporting Project from one account to another

Hi there!

I’ve just signed up for the free 14 days to play around and test and will be signing up again afterwards (if anyone has a referral link I’d happily use it) OR hopefully Adalo gets included in the joinsecret program again.

But is it possible to move projects from account to account? Would be 2 separate email addressees.


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Can you create a clone in a trial account?
That would be your easiest way, or simply upgrade your account when you are ready. I don’t think your data will be smudged after 14 days.

I can copy the project but it just creates a duplicate in my account - doesn’t seem to be a way (that I know of) that you can export or move to another account.

The Adalo offer I think was around 50% off I think - bit the issue is that any discount for for new accounts - hence why I’m using a dummy one now.

From the editor, go to Settings > App Access > Allow anyone to clone this app?
Then from the Publish screen copy your preview link.


Go to link

Clone and log in to the 2nd account.



Do you know how long the ‘clonable’ app link lasts for? As in, if I cancel my 14 day trial, is it still active?

Hopefully in a couple more weeks the Adalo offer is back with Joinsecret so it’s seemless

It’s stays for everyday! Once the trial is over all works with the free plan but the paid plan features will not work. ( Geolocation , External collections , custom actions etc that includes on the trial )

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