Transfer Project o Another Account?

Hey guys,

I have developed an App for a client, but I want to transfer their project into a separate adalo account. Can this be done, and if so how? Is it easy to do?

On the left menu in settings, you can make the app clonable and share the link with your client to clone from his account.

Would that mean that anyone can clone it? Privacy for this project will be important, so i was wondering if there’s another way to discretely transfer?

You can disable cloning after your client is done with it.

It’s not publicly available url, so unless you share that nobody will be able to clone it.

If you clone the app you must be aware that from what I have read in the forum, your custom actions will need to be recreated as I believe the settings so not copy over (I have read this in the forum but I could be wrong). I would recommend sending a support ticket to Adalo and ask them for advice/help.

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