Properties with text variables

The user registers (Collection: User) and enters his height, weight and age. How to show him a personalized welcome message with the RAND function, where the text contains his data?

  1. Hello, we see that you are [AGE] years old and weigh [WEIGHT] kg.
  2. Considering you’re [HEIGHT] tall, you’ve lived to be quite old.
  3. Are you really [AGE] years old?

The problem is that you cannot enter variables into text in Collection > Property.

  • The first database (Collection: Users) receives user data.
  • The second database (Collection: Welcome messages) contains 10 texts with different wording.

How to solve this?

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 14.02.07

Example: I have collection full on different texts, I want to enrich them with user data when calling out in next screen. No way to input variable-strings into these fields in AdaloDB.