Publish, Save for Later, Private features

Hi there,

I’m struggling to understand how to solve the below use case:

Users are writing articles of any sorts. I want them to be able to decide whether to publish/unpublish, save for later (if unfinished) or keep their work private to themselves.

I have an “Article Overview” screen where users can start creating content → record created in the Article collection through a button.

I’m stuck here :slight_smile: anyone knows the solution?


Again following on from my other suggestion, you want your collection of chapters to have a field “status” which the user can set. When other users see the “list of chapters” AKA “article” the list should be filtered on “chapters” with “status”=“published”. Conversely the author should see a list of all chapters.

Thanks again @speakupboy, gotcha.

I’d like to have the status field at an Article level rather than Chapter level. Users can publish/unpublish the entire articles rather than individual chapters.

Is it the same solution?


Yes it is. Just put the “status” on the article collection.