Automatically set linked status field when uploading new documents

I have a Documents collection that has a Status property that links to a Statuses collection.
The Statuses collection have two properties called Uploaded and Processed.
When a user uploads a document, it creates a new entry in the Documents collection.
I would like to set the Status to “Uploaded” when a document initially gets uploaded.
The form doesn’t allow me to add this automatic value - it only lets me select Empty, or let me flow through from the Logged In User collection.
Note that this is not a text field but a linked field.
Documents - Statuses is set up as M:1 so one Document can have 1 Status and 1 Status can obviously have many Documents.
Is this possible?

Hi Nieldv,

I am trying to understand why you need a Statuses collection? Why don’t you just add 2 true/false fields with each document?


Hi Craig, thanks for the response.
Reason is that I would like to have the option of adding more statuses as we go along, like error statuses, etc. I guess I could add columns with true/false for each status, but having a Statuses collection is a lot cleaner.

Hi @nieldv,
Does the document collection necessarily has to have a relationship even if just to add more options?

You could add “Status” in “DOcument” as a Text field and then use the Dropdown field to select different Statuses and leaving the default in the form as “Uploaded”

Below is the dropdown separated (For Backoffice management)


Whenever you add values to Statuses, the dropdown will still show all of them.

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You could just add a text field (status) to the record and set an action to rename it to whatever you like, does that make sense? Having a status table is possible but seems a little overkill.