Saving a Post as a Draft

So i am trying to make a blogging app for myself…
This is my first app…

How can one save a blog post as a draft…??
I have created a collection called Draft and connected it with the users.
But the is no action available to link the form Content to save in a different databases before clicking publish.
Any help would be appreciated.
thank you.

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I think you mean like this?

And I think you don’t need another collection for Drafts. I did it by a true/false property created on the Posts collection. You can see it in the video.

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For me, the simplest way to make draft posts is add to collection of Posts a property “Draft” by “True/False” type.
On the screen with posts list you should add filter which will publish posts which has “Draft” property set to “False”.

Hey @dilon_perera
Thank you for the help.

Is there any way we can do this with a modal popup screen?
I have attached a screenshot for better understanding.

Thank you.

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If I’m correct this modal appears after the creation right ?

Like this?

Then you can add a Update action Update Current Post and add True for the Draft true/false property. And you can add a link action. You can see it in the video.

Hope it helps!

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Hey @dilon_perera
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Hey @Kostas
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Hey @dilon_perera
I wanted to ask a question…

So do we need to give back button on every modal screen or the user can just click anywhere in the screen which is not that modal screen rectangle.

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Yes you can add one rectangle in top and bottom and make them transparent and you can set the action to go back. Then when the user clicks the screen in top or bottom then that user is going back

Oh okay…

Thank you so much.

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