Publish to Web Issues


I’m having troubles publishing the app to web as a PWA (video links below of my settings):

  1. I’ve setup a sub domain appzeusaccidentrepair and added the CNAME records -
  2. Waited for the DNS settings to take effect and then tried to publish the Custom Domain -
  3. When I TEST it doesn’t do anything.

Can someone please help?



Hey Sebastian,

In step 1 you may need to change the “app” text in Host Name, to “”

(Be sure to also include the last period after the .uk")

Hi Colin,

Thanks for responding, you mentioned adding the . after but I don’t have that option in my hosting:

Are the details I’ve entered above correct

Kind regards,


I think the period after the domain is a requirement from our end. Does it give you an error if you try to add that?

Perhaps you could ask the support team of your registrar to see if they could assist in this matter. It’s not a registrar I’m familiar with I’m afraid.

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