Publishing an app (questions)

Hi everyone,

Quick question - can I still make changes to the app when it’s been published? I might want to add a function from the marketplace later, etc.

And how do I know that the app will generate notifications if I can’t test them before the app has been published? I created ‘trigger notifications’ action for messages and posts but can’t test them right now as it’s not been published yet.

And if I get the starter package can I publish in both App Store and Google Play?

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Hi Anna,

Here’s the answers to your questions:

Yes, as long as you don’t cancel your adalo plan. If you change the UI or do something cosmetic, you would need to publish an update which your users download. If you update the database, those changes are automatically reflected in your app.

Notifications work at the moment (you can only test when published to google play or apple). If you have trouble with notifications, you can submit a support ticket.

You can publish to the app stores on the starter plan. ($45/month)

Learn more below:

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