Publishment Problem

So, i want to publish an app which i just made today in Adalo. But, the problem is here that, i cant publish the app, im a brokey and don’t have cash on me right now. So can anyone help me solve the problem?

okay so, when i go to the publish section, and i press the “Upgrade” button, i see i have an option for free plan, but i cant click the “You are on free” button. Anyone solution yall? Plus why cant i click the “Android App” button, “iOS App” button or the “progressive web app” button. Please provide me a solution, as i want to publish the app as fast as possible

You can’t click that button because it’s your active plan.

Sorry to say but you have to pony up some money to publish.

Thank You. But, is there any way i can do it for free. like i literally need cash rn

If you ask the same question 10 more times you will get the same answer.

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