Pulling my hair out trying to filter blocked users from the list

I need a tutorial on this because I’ve spend 3-hours fiddling and I’m about to snap a macbook in half.

I have a report button on my comment list. When you click it, it opens a modal.

The modal has a button: “Block User”

When the button is pressed it it adds a record to the “Blocking Party” collection. It adds the logged in user’s email and username to Blocking Party collection.

The second action on this button is to add the newly created Blocking Party record to the current comment’s user’s record.

The third action on this button is to return to the previous screen.

I’m attempting to then filter the comment list so that it does not show comments where the comment’s user’s blocked by field lists the current logged in user.

It simply will not work and I feel like an idiot.

Can someone walk me through this?

Hi Tanner :wave:

I think you mean like this?

Sorry for many videos.

And if it is here’s how I did it.

Hope this helps!

And I hope I’m correct.

Thank you


I did not know a collection could have relationships with itself. You just taught me that. That was the whole problem, I was creating relationships to secondary collections. Dammit. Thank you for this.

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Great and Your Welcome!

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