Blocking & Flagging - custom list not updating

Hi Cool Community.

Would someone please put another set of eyes on my comments filters. I followed @dilon_perera tutorial and feel like my filters are correct but the list isn’t updating after a user blocks and/or flags another user.

It’s probably something silly I’m doing… Any ideas?

Hi Jordan,

What are the filters that are after that two filters?

Thank you

The other 2 filters are content & comment matching filters.

tmdb_id = a number assigned by the external API we query
Internal Content DB tmdb_id = that same number stored in our internal db.

The comments also include this numerical identifier so that they show up whether the user searches via an external API or our internal collection.

So they stack like this
1 - User Who Flagged post
2 - User BlockedBy Logged In user
3 - External API content identifier matches
4 - Internal content identifier matches

Seems like the filtering is correct! :face_with_monocle:

What happens if you put the 3rd filter and the 4th filter as AND in the 1st and 2nd filters?

And does the 3rd and 4th filters works?

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I think that may have fixed it. Adalo is still acting a little weird but it seems like the filtering will work.

In the video, you can see that when I opened a tv show, a flagged item was included. But once I flagged a new comment, then it was removed from the list. That’s probable close enough to get through the App Store review.

Thank you @dilon_perera !!

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