Pulsing screen on input fields

Hello Guys,
I have some issues with pulsing screen on the login inputs (form).
Basically what is happening is that the when user is typing inside the input of email or password the screen appear to kinda pulse with some frequency resulting to changing keyboard from digits to letters or deleting already input characters. (it is a bit weird to explain whats happening but it looks like a random screen refresh) - ios screen record does not capture it and it also does not show text inputs so cannot really share it.

My hypothesis were:

  • overlapping components which get messed when keyboard appears
  • changing input values action from the previous screen applied to the text form that would somehow be still triggered on the current screen (does a transition type has anything to do with how action are triggered on the following screen)? for example none or push could still trigger action from the previous screen while others not?)

I tried a couple of experiments including recreating the entire screen form scratch but it still seems not resolved. It is pretty hard to debug as it only happens on the my phone so each change takes a new build.

If you guys have any other ideas or experienced sth similar that would be very very helpful.

Hello Guys!

Autofocus! I spent a couple of weeks on this! it would be worth mentioning it in the documentation that you cannot apply to two fields on the same screen! @anon78309838
Best Lukasz

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Thanks I’ll make a note of this in the docs!

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