Push notification

Is it impossible to use push notification on Free plan?
I just want to show numbers of your messgages on your phone.

Not possible, you must have at least Android or iOS build, cannot send notification to PWA

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Hi @Yuki.O,

As @Reyaas has already answered, you need to have a native app to make Push notifications work.

Also, unfortunately it is not possible to display anything on the app icon (this red circle with some number).


Thank you so much, @Reyaas and @Victor!

so is the only thing I shoud do make Push notification possilbe?スクリーンショット 2020-11-23 17.06.46

Really appricitate

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Mr Victor

Even if I use my app with Test Flight, the red circle is not possible?
so you mean even if I do anything, it is not possible?

Hello @Yuki.O,

The icon like this (see screenshot) is unfortunately not possible at the moment.

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Thank you so much for your polite response!
So if I want it, should I create app with code, not adalo right?

In my opinion, you don’t have to do without Adalo. The platform is constantly evolving and I think that these native features will be in the focus of the developers in the future.

To promote such features the option to use Adalo’s Canny platform and submit ratings / feature suggestions helps.

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Thank you so much! ill do that:)

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