Push Notifications Zapier Error

Hello there!

I’m hoping someone can help me with push notifications.

I’ve set it up with Zapier, I’m getting an error:

" Status Code 400 Bad Request

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2020


Your Zap is likely to be missing a required field, or a field value wasn’t in a recognized format. For example, if a field in your action step is expecting an email address, but the value given is a name, the app may return a 400 error.


Check that your fields are correctly set up and mapped to each other."

I have set it up using the YouTube tutorial, and I think the issue is in sending the data back to the Adalo app.

Shows how I’ve set it up, and shows the error.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you

Hey @CharlotteKalda

Thanks for those videos super helpful. I believe the issue is in your headers. You have “Content Type” and it should be “Content-Type”. This is why you would get a Bad request error, because they header is not recognized.


Brilliant, thanks Ben! I will now delete this thread as I exposed the API key. Big thanks for the heads up.

@ben1 I updated it so that it says ‘Content-Type’ with the hyphen, but I am still getting the same error message.

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