Zapier and "Application Error"

Has anyone else been experiencing this today? A new record in Adalo is my trigger and I’ve been getting the attached error all day:

Tried to create a brand new Zap using Adalo as the trigger and this time the error was “The app did not respond in-time. It may or may not have completed successfully”.

You need to create a record in that collection for the zap to work.

I’m having the same issue, and I know that I have a record in the collection…

@jd0319 Could you take a screenshot of your error?

I have two records in the collection.

I’m creating a short video on how to setup up the zap.

Thanks! For reference, I’ve used Zapier quite a lot with Adalo, with trigger=new Adalo record, same as this one. All have worked before today.

Hi @James_App_Maker - I have 4 records in the collection. It’s an odd issue…

I wonder why this is not working…? :thinking: Let me tell Adalo real quick and get back to you!


Hey everyone! Sorry you’re experiencing this issue! We have found the root cause and our team is working on the resolution. You can follow the status at for updates.


Any chance you or the team could provide an update on the move to AWS, @ashley We all love Adalo and cannot wait until its speed is comparable to user’s expectations :grin:

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