Errors when setting up Zapier events

Hi, I’m new here, but I couldn’t find this mentioned elsewhere in the forum.

I keep getting error messages when I try to set up Zaps to create a new record in Adalo. Sometimes the message says “The record could not be sent to Adalo. The app returned “Bad Request”.” I also just got the attached two messages that are more specific.

  1. Does my app have to be published for Zaps to work? and 2) is there any type of setting I need to change, or permission I need to give on Adalo’s end to properly integrate Zapier?

I’m also asking Zapier, but thought I’d check here too.


The first error does not look like one that comes from Adalo’s API. If that first step failed, it seems logical that the following step would fail too in creating the record in Adalo.

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