QR code Scanner for Rewards

Is anyone aware if there is a way to create specific QR codes for each user and then use the QR scanner function to scan a QR code and save it as a count? Basically, I am wanting somewhat of a rewards function in the app where I can scan a specific QR code for that specific user and then track the number of scans that the user has in a specific time period…

That’s really sounds like a great idea. I’m curious if we can do that?

i would need something similar: a qr code for each (different) user which can be scanned by other users with QR SCAN.
but how to compare that the scanned QR exists and is connected to a user?

very interesting!

Sounds doable, where are you planning to scan these QR codes specific to users?

Well I am wanting it to be an admin feature where I would access the scanner and then scan each phone’s QR code and then track that QR code for how many times its been scanned

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. When a user creates his profile, generate a QR code for his profile (there’s a QR code generator component available)
  2. You have the QR code scanner on your version of the app
  3. Each time you scan the QR of the user, trigger an action to update points to his/her profile.

Does that make sense?

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I guess my question then now is how do I get the QR code to auto generate, be different from another users code and then “attach” to their profile?

I have done this, just use the user email or create a unique user ID and that will be the encoded data in the QR Code scanner.

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