QR Code Scanner help

Questions on the QR code scanner-- does it scan any QR code and open a link or do you need to scan and recognize an existing link in the DB?

Our company has QR codes on products for easy access to MSDS information but I can’t get the scanner to do anything but open the camera. I can tell that it recognizes a QR code because the phone vibrates for a second but it doesn’t prompt a link or to open a webpage-- I am testing this on iOS app in Testflight mode.


you need to do the work!! the QR scanner will just get the result from the QR code, regardless if it is a link or any text, then you need to do the rest

How can I write it so the QR scanner can open any QR code link?

just add an action on QR scanner to open a website when reading a QR code like this

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